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June 4-6, 2021

Looking for an event for writers like you who are passionate about storytelling? Do you have an idea for a novel, but don’t know how to go from the spark of that idea to a finished product? Are you already published, but want to grow in your craft and connect with others while you learn more about the marketplace? Have you ever considered COACHING as  business? Blogs, Books & Beyond Summit is an event you don’t want to miss.





3 Days for $3

12 Tracks and over 100 speakers and  over 100 vendors over 3 days for $3. That’s cheaper than a cup of coffee.


A Track For Everyone

You’re a writer – or aspire to be. So, where do you rank yourself when It comes to creating, distributing, and monetizing your craft? Where are you strong? Where could you use some help? Are you looking to coach others to success?

Whatever your answers, this event has something for you.

Sign up, plot your course selecting from over 100 speakers, build your skills, and enjoy more success in 2021 – and beyond!



Research is the centerpiece of many writing projects. Step up your research game with these sessions.



Content is king. If you don’t catch a reader’s attention in the first sentence or two, they’re gone. Learn from content creation masters and make your content pop!


Editing & Proofreading

Even with all the amazing tools like Grammarly, a significant amount of content contains errors; errors that undermine the credibility of the writer, and the content. This track will teach you how to edit and proofread like a pro.


Design & Illustration

Search engines like long articles with the right keywords. Readers, on the other hand, are not too keen on “text walls.” Learn how to add visual appeal and interest from these pros in design and illustration.


SEO Optimization

For many writers, SEO is a mystery and a nuisance. Unfortunately, in the digital world, even the finest content can be lost if not properly optimized. If you want to improve your SEO chops, this track must be on your list.



Your content is crafted, proofed, and optimized. Now what? Get it in front of people by publishing. This track pulls back the curtain on publishing to show you how to get noticed in a sea of competing content.



Marketing is an essential part of successful content creation. Simply putting something on the web is not an effective strategy. Let the experts in the field show you the ropes and how to make the most of your hard work.


Coaching Business

Not everyone is a factotum. Most of us are good at a couple of things and not so good at the rest. Many writers want to focus on their craft. That means there is a need for coaches who can train writers, and others, in the varuis business aspects of the content world.


Tools of the Trade

One blessing of the digital age is the availability of tools to simplify and enhance every aspect of content creation. The curse is the plethora of choices. Add this track to your agenda and learn about some of the premier tools available today.


Junior Writers

Creativity knows no age limit. If you have discovered a passion for writing early in life and want to grow your skills, this track is for you. Learn how to successfully move your writing career forward, picking up tools and skills that will enable you to succeed as a writer.


Christian Writers

Many are called by God to express their faith through their writing. If you have been blessed with the gift of content creation, and want to add to your skills toolbox to be even more successful, then add this track to your schedule.



Freelancing. Are you: Considering it? Side hustling a few clients? A battle-scarred veteran? Regardless of where you fall, to become and remain successful, you need to hone your skills every day. The Freelancer track will provide you with plenty of tips, tools, and guidance to help you shine in the ultra-competitive world of freelancing.







Susanne Klepsch

MeetFox CEO

Pavel Shcherbakova

Nimbus CEO

Jesse Doubek

InfluencerSoft CEO

Gennady Batrakov

Brandwave Consulting CEO

Tammie Polk

Professionally Sassy CEO

Mohamed Tahboub

LeadCart CEO

Dr. Emee Vida Estacio

Self-Publishing Made Simple CEO

Silva Nazarian


Kim Yeater

Peak Performance CEO

Ashley Guttuso


Alex Lashkov

Linguix CEO

Wendi Blum Weiss

Success Blueprint CEO

An Event for Writers, Bloggers, Freelancers

Blogs, Books & Beyond is  a joint effort by several companies to help support writers, bloggers, and freelancers. Nimbus, Blogely, Christ Summit,  & BreakPoints.

Years Experience


One place to manage all your information, knowledge base, tasks, projects, information. Transform information chaos from multiple sources to organized workplace. Manage your team’s and client’s information as part of your brand.  Countless use cases for customer support, development/engineering, education for students, education for teachers, HR & recruiting, knowledge repository/WIKI, marketing, product dvelopment, research and brainstorming, etc. Some of the things you can create with Nimbus: notes, docs, wikis, tasks and lists, databases, spreadsheets and tables. You can organize and share your assets, capture and annotate, and clip everything. 



CONTENT MARKETING WIZARD FOR ONLINE CREATORS. We’re helping build original online content. A software that helps you create, organize, plan, SEO optimize, improve, promote, and sell your content or us it to increase your website traffic. Focus on Quality: craft quality original content faster and easier using systematized research and well-organized content assets’ management in one central location. Work Smarter: strengthen your writing with Blogely’s AI driven paraphrasing tool and easily perform on-page technical SEO optimization without any prior knowledge. Grow Your Business: siimplify your content marketing workflow with a tool that lets you handle it without the hassle from start to finish. Generate more leads and sales..


Event Organizers

Anylza Mignano


Michelle Perry

Track Lead

Kristina Risinger

Track Lead

Tammie Polk

Track Lead

Christine Mccarron

Track Lead

Bernadete Addison

Track Lead

Ruby Bonilla

Lead Organizer

Jashin Howell

Track Lead

Tom Tate

Event MC

Ana Jensen

Track Lead

Gennady Batrakov


Peter Jensen


Event Sponsors

We’d like to give our sponsors a big round of e-applause for helping make this event possible. If not for social distancing and the virtual nature of this event, we’d probably be shaking hands and hugging. Next time. Using the right tool for any job makes the work easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. That goes for writing and creating content. Sure, you can cobble together a patchwork of tools and get by. But, with the offerings from our sponsors, there’s no need to just “get by.” These companies provide best-in-their-class apps and services; each one designed to make you a better writer, content creator, or coach, and master of your career. During breaks between sessions, please head over to the virtual “exhibition hall” and engage with these remarkable companies. We’re positive you’ll find one, or more, that can help you implement what you learn in the event and take your career to the next level. Committed to your success!


Christ Summit
Kristina Risinger
Successful Diligence LLC

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